1.- How do I enrol for a course? 
You have several options, the best way is to enroll o­nline. Complete and submit the registration form and a deposit of 150 euros (This money will be reimbursed). When we have received both, we will confirm your enrollment. You can also do it by mail, phone or fax. 

2.- What are the payment options? 
You have several options:
-Cash or credit card payment during the first day of your stay in the school. 
-Online payment.
-Bank transfer:
Bank´s name: LA CAIXA (Caja de Ahorros de Barcelona)
Bank´s address: C/ Zamora, 49. Salamanca.
IBAN:  ES37 2100-1263-21-0200092516 

3.- Do Hispano Continental students have any kind of discount? 
Yes. Former students get 10% discount for courses prices. 

4.- When can I start the course?
You can join the course every Monday (except absolute beginners, they only can start the first Monday of each month).

5.- How do I know my level? 
We will let you know on the first day of the course which class you will be in, based on the online level test you´ve taken.

Clase azul colegio Hispano Continental

6.-Can I change my level? 
If  you think you are not in the right level, the teachers and the academic director will help you find the right level for you. 

7.- Can I change my course and/or the length of it?
Yes, you can do it after talking with the academic director.

8.- Which is the main difference between families and apartments?
The host families will give you the opportunity to improve and practise your Spanish and also to learn about our culture, customs, traditions...
On the other hand, the apartments give you more freedom and the opportunity to live with other students like you. 

9.- Can I change my accomodation after my arrival?
We attach significant importance to the quality of your accomodation. In the unlikely event of you should wish to change your accomodation, we will arrange this for you. In 1 or 2 days we will offer you a new accomodation.

10.- How do I get to Salamanca? 
Go to our section "Salamanca" and click "How do I get to Salamanca". Here you will find all the information you need to get Salamanca by bus or train with all the prices and timetables. 

11.- What I am supposed to do when I arrive to Salamanca? 
If your accommodation is far away from the bus or train station you can take a taxi. People from the family  or the apartment´s ower will be waiting for you. 

Estudiantes del colegio hispano continental

12.- Is Salamanca a safe city? 
Salamanca is a relatively small and safe city. All the streets are full of people and we have a very lively nightlife. 

13.- Do the students have to work at home? 
The teachers give the students some exercises to do at home to practise and revise all the subjects studied in class. 

14.- Do I need a minimum level of Spanish to join the extra-curricular activities?
A1 level is enough. 

15.- Can I get the information about the school in different languages?
You can get the information in Spanish, English, French and Deutsch. 

16.- Which is the average age of the students?
Most of our students are university students, between 18-25 years, but we have all kind of students. 

17.- Which are the legal requirements to get a visa? 
Hispano Continental will provide the students the required papers to get the visa. Please send us an e-mail asking for that.

18.- Can I practise any sports? 
In Salamanca you can practise all kinds of sports as: golf, swimming, tennis, fitness... 
If you need more information, please contact us. 

19.- Cost of living in Salamanca. 
Salamanca is a student city  and the cost of living reflects this. Prices tend to be lower than in the rest of Europe. 
Pubs and cinemas are cheaper.

20.- What is the weather like in Salamanca? 
The weather in Salamanca is often described as moderate and continental, with hot and dry summers, followed by cold winters. Temperatures from November to February can range from 0ºC (mornings) to +15ºC. In summer the temperatures range from +18ºC to +30ºC. 

21.- What do I have to do if I get sick in Salamanca? 
If  you are from the EU, ask in your country for the European Health Insurance Card. Cards are issued by your national health insurance provider. This free card gives you access to health coverage in our country. 
If you are not from the EU, you can bring your country´s private insurance or you can consult us, we can offer you medical insurance for a reasonable price. 

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